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Wed, Mar. 13th, 2013, 01:09 pm
getpervy: Hunter's Second Tease

My fellow Pervy Lit Mod candykitten88 and I asked Pervy Lit Members and Friends to submit erotic teasers, fantasies and confessions. You're going to enjoy these hot erotic ficlets!

In retrospect, taking the blindfold off was a bit of a mistake.
She panicked, her eyes large as she looked around the room, the men leering at her with hungry eyes. The ones watching, anyway, a few were already stroking their rigid manhoods or mounting a lover in the dark corners.
But my girl was the object of attention. Despite everything, weeks of training, a week of nightly teasing without release, and 2 days solid of exhibitionist play, even the "Touch Me" sign that led her here, sodden wet, she still had That Look, the look that casts a thousand doubts upon the idea, and makes that unwanted safeword drip from her swollen red lips...
I'm allowed to feel bad about it, deep inside. I can never show it, because I'm the Dom, the Man In Charge, and I'm supposed to know how to train, and train well. Doubts subs are allowed to have; true passion comes on the edge of one's limits, many times. But never the kind of deep and abiding fear that seems to have gripped my girl, my hope, the one how I've...
And then I notice the change. It was only a second, only a moment in time, but her shoulders drop just a bit, her eyes go from wide and fearful to dropped and submissive in the blink of an eye. She remembers her place, and what she is to do here. And so do I.

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Fri, Nov. 30th, 2012, 05:00 pm
getpervy: If you enjoy reading or writing Erotic Fiction, join Pervy Lit!

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Tue, Sep. 20th, 2011, 04:41 am
r_munslow: (no subject)

There's a new community here on LJ to supply all your forced sex fantasies!


We're just starting out but it's going to be updated regularly.

Cum on in and have some fun!

Tue, Nov. 2nd, 2010, 09:33 am
tiaslut: anyone else have fantasies about their sisters?

i guess guys, you can talk about it too.
but mostly, other girls..... any desire for your sisters??

i have 4 sisters. 3 older ones i have varying level of crushes on....some of it is from a desire to see things done to them (a hate/jealousy/lust thing) some of it is a desire to actually want to have them eat me out while i do the same to them.

Sun, Jul. 12th, 2009, 01:53 pm
jasperslagoon: (no subject)

I promised myself I'd see what I could write in the unrealistically short amount of time of ten minutes, although by the time I finished this I think I had spent a little more time than that. So it's not polished, and it could easily be considered an unfocused chain of thoughts. So take it at its face value.

Party favorCollapse )

Tue, May. 12th, 2009, 03:23 pm
dadslittleslut: (no subject)

Hello all!
I'm a 19 year old submissive and into just about every kink imaginable.
Add me and I'll probably add you back!

Sun, Aug. 31st, 2008, 05:28 pm
jasperslagoon: (no subject)

This may sound incredibly naive of me to ask, but what exactly is bestiality? Is it the act of actually having sex with an animal? Is it the act of an animal having sex with you? Is it both, or is it something else?
I've looked around different sites, but nowhere does anyone give a clear definition.

Sun, Aug. 3rd, 2008, 11:08 pm
lilmissthorough: Very Rough Foreplay

Ok My dominant and I was getting intimate and he  was very hard and rough with his hands in my valva area, right before you enter, the place right there, he did this relentlessly for what seemed like forever... and while is was quite painful it was beautiful. However with this I became really swollen which I thought was cool but with swelling you create heat and I ended up with a YI ( yeast Infection) but I think with the tourture he was putting forth he may have punctured the delicate skin there, it looks like two small cuts, I dont know how to make this heal given that it is in a rather difficult area where air does not provide a process to which it can.. it is painful!  Any advice?  

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