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Sun, Aug. 3rd, 2008, 07:47 pm
staticalune: Online Erotic Penpal?

I'm looking for a female online penpal of sorts who's interested in sharing erotic fantasies or stories, anonymously or otherwise. I'm hoping for someone who may be willing to write fairly regularly, a time or two a week (I understand if real life gets in the way sometimes). Talking on instant messenger isn't out of the question, either, but I'll stick with whatever you're comfortable with.

Personally, I'm a 24 year old male. I'm rather dominant and have a variety of fantasies. If you're interested, or have questions, send me a reply and I'll answer.

Fri, Aug. 1st, 2008, 03:01 am
trainingsextoy: (no subject)

Master wanted me to post one of the stories I've written for you to enjoy. He has asked me to write a certain number of them and I still have a couple to do that I will be posting over the next few days. There are some others on my journal too if you'd be interested in reading - I'll have to friend you for you to have access.


It wasn't the first time that Master had allowed the dog to fuck me. Many times he had mounted me, squirted his come into me. My stomach was swelling with the growth of his babies. It wasn't even the first time that he had me drink out of bowl, or sleep on the floor. In fact, it was pretty normal. But it was the first time that he had dressed me up.

Tue, Apr. 22nd, 2008, 11:06 am
jaspers_jungle: a little fantasy

I just whipped up this little submissive fantasy of mine this morning, partly fueled by some IMs I've been a part of, and partly by conversations I've been having with an online Mistress whom I occasionally play with. Hope it works for you.

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(Posted around a little)

Sun, Jan. 20th, 2008, 03:58 pm
on_her_knees: (no subject)

The sub in me is screaming, crying, begging, pleading, wailing for release.  I have no release except the very very very light/almost an undercurrent D/s interaction I get with my Top/Dom tendencied roommate.  Though I do get suspicious of her sometimes and how she interacts with me.  I think in the right situation, she would give my sub release.

All I'm really asking for is someone to tie me up and torture me a little, is that too much to ask of a friend?

Mon, Jul. 2nd, 2007, 04:52 pm
jaspers_jungle: (no subject)

I wrote this a minute ago to push someone's buttons.
Let me know what you think. ;-)


“Jasper,” Mistress commands, “you know what I want you to do, and you’ll find wht you need in the drawer beside the table where the girl is.”

Yes, I know exactly what Mistress wants, and I enter the room where you’ve been bound to the heavy wooden butcher block table. Black leather straps hold your wrists and ankles down, and your nakedness is only hidden by a hot and moist wash cloth covering the patch between your legs. The room is warm, and your oiled skin glistens in the candlelight. You’re blindfolded, facing up, and I can’t help but notice how vulnerable and helpless you appear as I stare down onto you and watch a tiny bead of sweat trickle down from your belly.

I am naked as well, as our Mistress keeps her slaves free of the chance to hide ourselves. Slaves, in her world, are just another form of animal, suitable for her idle amusement and for the occasional fuck. I come up to you and inspect you, your heavy breathing makes your chest rise and fall, your nipples harden at the sensation of another human being so near to you.

I remove the wet wash cloth from your body and put it off to the side, your tiny patch of pubic hair glistens with the oils which have softened your skin. I open the drawer and remove the tool Mistress wishes me to use, a straight-edge barbar’s razor with a wooden handle, the shiny chrome flashes in the candlelight. I so love doing this to you, and I cherish the fact that Mistress is somewhere in the dark chamber, watching us and approving as I stand beside your bound body.

It is no secret that I love this, and my body responds accordingly. I feel my nipples harden in reaction, and blood races to my cock as I take the razor down between your legs. I reach down and press the palm of my hand against your thigh as I stroke along your inner leg with the edge of the razor, shaving off a little of your pubic hair. I cup between your legs, pulling your vagina up with the palm of my hand as I shave your other thigh, systematically removing all traces of body hair from you. I press my fingers along your vulva, spreading your protecting lips as the razor scrapes along your soft skin, removing those wonderful little brown hairs which hide your sex. I feel that I’m hard, the sensation of steel against your soft flesh and the potential that I could so easily cut you very much arouses me, and I know Mistress acknowledges that in wicked approval.

The sharp razor glides across the skin of your vagina, easily shaving off all the hair you have between your legs. My fingers press and fold you, I grip the many folds of your lips as I expertly move the blade along your skin, removing all your hair. I see you react to my touch and the damage I could so easily do - your nipples harden to little cherries on your bound and blindfolded body, your breathing deepens as your body is bathed in sweat and the body oils which Mistress has covered you with. A flash fires in my mind as I entertain the thought of jumping on your body as you lie there and fucking you like an animal, but I know the consequences would be extreme.

I finish my task, the razor is returned to the drawer. I wipe down between your legs with the warm wash cloth to remove all traces of your pubic hair as I inspect my work, my fingers dance across the lips between your legs as I look for any strays which I might have missed. I have done a good job, your vagina looks soft and innocent and oh so unprotected. I hope Mistress approves.

Sun, Jun. 17th, 2007, 04:29 pm
jaspers_jungle: just an observation

I really like the premise of this slave community, I only wish it were more active. I bet a lot of good ideas, good stories and good images could be shared here if more people participated.

Wed, May. 30th, 2007, 04:57 am
seanfwa12: (no subject)

Hey all, horny 21/m looking to chat to any interested ladies....18 years old and up please.  I also just updated my LJ with a nice little story! feel free to check it out!

Mon, May. 28th, 2007, 03:07 pm
jaspers_jungle: (no subject)

Is it okay to post pictures here?
(please say yes)

If so, here's how this slave is kept between sessions ...
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Mon, May. 7th, 2007, 11:43 pm
xcuriousgirlx: (no subject)

It gets me horny to think of being a sexual slave to someone. Imagine just letting someone do what they wanted to you or to make you do things with your body. Probably scary but still kind of hot. Don't know if i would ever actually do it but my imagination thinks about it.

Thu, Feb. 22nd, 2007, 08:53 pm
jaspers_jungle: just curious...

Would it be, um, okay to post a small handful of images in this community?
Of course they'd have a connection to sexual slaves, just curious. And I'd certainly have the rights to the images, as they would be of and taken by me.

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